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Sky [userpic]
Let it Snow (PG) - John, Dean, and Sam
by Sky (skybound2)
at December 8th, 2007 (09:55 am)

Title: Let it Snow
Author: skybound2
Rating: PG
Spoiler None (Pre-series)
Pairing/Character: John, Dean, and Sam
Summary: Speaking of which, he needed to add 'maim and torture' Bobby to his to-do list for his next visit to South Dakota. A snapshot of the life when the boys are 8 and 12. This one is fairly light-hearted.
Author's Notes: Written for superficfridays. Supernatural has eaten my brain folks.
Prompts: Snow
Disclaimers: Playing in Kripke's universe, none of this is mine.
Word Count: ~700

Let it Snow