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Sarah [userpic]
by Sarah (grrli)
at October 19th, 2007 (11:52 pm)

Title: Ruby
Author: grrli
Character: Ruby, and Sam as her mental conversational piece
Word Count: Not crazy long
Prompt: 11
Summary: What do demons muse?
Spoilers: 3.03 and back unto the beginning! Sorta, kinda, not really.
Warnings: Don't forget to take your keys out of the ignition and place them somewhere on your person before getting out of and locking the car.
Disclaimer: I claim nothing. I may, however, make a lot of alleged statements.

She sat on the dark roof, watching him. She had told him her name was Ruby. It wasn't, but it was close enough. Numeralogically speaking, symbolically related enough to her nature to use for the purposes of a name. It gave him no power over her, none but what she allowed.

Blond hair whirled around her face in a frenzy. Her body did not shiver, though below, she saw Sam rub his arms and turn around. Looking behind himself on the street, but he was alone as ever. In his limited perception, he was alone. He hasn't had many moments of alone, even before she tracked him down after she escaped.

He started walking again, and she smiled. Soft, young, mortal man. Skilled, bright, and best of all, versatile. One of the Chosen, and the Last to Stand. Like it or not, Prince of Hell, not that it meant much. Never did. Violent explosions and coups were not only common, but par for the politics.

Sam Winchester was the underdog in this war.

So was Ruby. A pee-on in the ranks, she walked along the ledge, keeping pace with him. Stopped when he got to the corner store where he was getting food and beverages for himself and his doomed brother. And while she watched him through the large thick glassed window she pondered on truths. Such as all pee-ons having aspirations. Rather, all the ones that survived the daily trials of Hell did.

What he could potentially do for her mattered. The great work Lucifuge did has laid out the groundwork for the most massive upheaval since the Fall. The battleground had been opened to the advance ranks.

Now all that was left was for the true Unity. Under Ruby, once she was able to attain the power she needed via Sam. He didn't know what wonders lay sleeping under his mortal skin. No one did for sure except a far, secluded few.

Sam stepped out of the store and she had to slip back out of sight quickly. He looked up, then down the street. Then the other way, his face troubled. He knew someone was there, watching him.

Creeping back to the edge again, she wanted to laugh and wave and tell him, Oh Sammy, it's only me! Your guardian demon. Don't worry, I'll watch your back until I know it's time to stab it for myself.

Instead, Ruby got up and walked back the way he came. Watched him cross the street and go into the roach infested, broken down hotel he and his brother had taken to for the night. When he was through the door, she slipped off the ledge.


Crouching into a roll for the landing, she got up and straightened, brushing off her clothes. This girl's knees were fractured from the fall. Oh, well. As long as she was in residence, it made no difference. And when she left this host, it would again make no difference. One human roach amongst the billions? Hardly a conquering, and with no broken soul to claim at death, little power from it to be had.

Ruby had bigger plans than death dealing or terror raising. Those were simply pastimes. The real joy would be in stepping upon the backs of her brothers and sisters to become the right hand of the Red King, Sam Winchester.

She crossed the street as well, wandering to the side of the building, and then with slow, deliberate motions, she began to climb the crumbling brick wall. Not quite like a spider, but well enough within the confines of the human vessel. She climbed to the floor they stayed in. Climbed until she could peek in a bare window where light beamed out. A lighthouse to the unknowing.

There were sigils on the windows, on the walls, salt across the sills. On the ledge beside her hands were insects. Agents of others. Watching, but with nothing to see, nothing to hear. The magic in those symbols kept them all out. Even her.

With a swipe of her hand she flung the ants, roaches and spiders out over the abyss below to fall to their deaths. No one gets to follow them and the vast cache of treasures and power at their disposal. No one but her, and those she will have to negotiate with in order to keep her place between Sam and all things great and small.

Soon enough, he will Fall the way it was planned. The more righteous the subject, the harder and further he will fall when he goes. Point in fact, the Yellow Eyed One himself fit that description.

Ruby climbed back down the building.

She stood at the bottom on the broken sidewalk and looked up at the lonely light blaring out into the night. Defiant, and surrounded by a sea of night. Eventually, Sam will be consumed and the Gate will open and Ruby will be there to aim his hand the whole way through.