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prompt #? story
by Robyncakes (bitterbird)
at October 15th, 2007 (05:13 am)

current mood: numb

its for the newest prompt lol cant remember what number were on....

the one realted to 3.02 story....

characters:dean mostly 
spiolery if you havent seen 3.02 maybe
rated g
i dont own superntaural

currently not been betaed

Dean knew before he even asked the questionb what her response would be. There was no denying that Ben was his son. Even Dean looking at Ben, couod see a younger version of himself. Dean had to remind himself to breathe.

The situation had come as a shock to say the least.  Dean was most suprised by how happy the news had made him. Dean had never really considered having children. Yet looking at Ben, he couldnt image a world without him.  The news would alter Dean's life as he knew it...he just wasnt sure how yet.

Dean desperatly wanted to move in and be the bast damn dad he could be. But if he let Ben love him and depend on him,what whould happen when Dean died in a years time? Was one year even enough time to become the kind of father that he so badly wanted to be? Was it even possible for him to live this life? What would Sam do if he did? The questions came through his head hard and fast. He couldnt answer any of them.

Dean knew if he ignored his responibilty to Ben he would always feel guilty about it. Yet perhaps that was best for Ben.....when Dean died in a years time he wouldnt be as upset if he didnt really know Dean. Dean considered if he was strong enough to turn his back on Ben.  Ben deserved much more than Dean felt he could ever give.  Deans ultimate question was if it was better to knpw and love your dad for a year or not know him at all?  Dean felt torn.  He wanted to do right by Ben. Dean wished there was more time for them.

Dean looked across the room. Ben was talking to his mother. She was telling him about Dean.  Dean still didnt know how to handle the situation....but regardless of Deans decision, Ben deserved to know the truth.  

Ben looked happy; He ran over and hugged Dean. It was the kind of hug that Dean had never experienced before.  Dean could feel the love Ben already had for him. Regardless of anything else, Dean knew that Ben would alsways love him.  Dean knew then what he needed to do.  He knew he had no choice.  Dean looked down at Ben.  He leaned down, closed his eyes and kissed the top of Ben's head.  Dean knew he couldnt live this life,.....not right now at least.  

Dean knew that leaving would break his heart.  Even though he knew it was best for Ben.  Dean had to try find a way out of the deal for Bens sake...or die trying.  Dean hugged Ben back tighter, enjoying his brief moment of bliss and trying not to think about how hard it was going to be to walk away from all this.