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konstontine42 [userpic]
Bare Necessities
by konstontine42 (konstontine42)
at December 18th, 2007 (06:01 pm)

Title: Bare Necessities
Character: Sam, Dean, John
Word Count: 2219
Rating: PG
Prompt: superficfridays Prompt 16: The Winchesters go to Disneyland(world)
Summary: John takes wee!Sam and wee!Dean to Disneyland with him when he has a job
Spoilers: none, pre-series
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or The Jungle Book.

Author’s note: I wrote this mostly because I’m excited for Eyecon and meeting Jared in Orlando as well as spending a week theme park hoping down there! Betaed by Jess starx_sparrow!

"I wanna go to da magic castle!" Sammy proclaimed loudly, running ahead of his father and brother and excitedly looking around the dark theme park. His footsteps pounded against the pavement, making both Dean and John cringe—so much for sneaking in. The Park Supervisor said they wouldn’t make it onto the security tapes, but that didn’t mean they didn’t need to use a little caution. The security that patrolled the outside perimeter of the park had no clue what the Winchesters were up to.

"Sam!" Dean scolded quickly it a half-yell, half-whisper. Sammy wasn’t paying much attention to his older brother and didn’t even pause in his excited stride to pay him any heed. Dean let out an annoyed groan and quickly ran after the nuisance. "Dad said no rides and you have to keep it down so we don’t get in trouble."

"Da magic castle’s not a ride," Sammy argued, his eyes still searching out the princess’s palace with no luck. He huffed and turned around, his short stature keeping him from being able to see much besides the surrounding buildings.

"What did I say when I agreed to let the two of you come?" John asked as he approached the two of them. Sam at least had the dignity to look sheepish, pausing in his quest to find the castle.

"No rides, no playing around, and no running off," Dean offered, if somewhat dejectedly. As much as he didn’t want to admit it, he was as excited to come to Disneyland as his five-year-old little brother was. This wasn’t a family vacation though, and their dad had made that perfectly clear. This was a job, and the only reason they were with him was because Sam had begged to go and Dean promised to keep them both out of the way.

Of course seeing the park at the dead of night with no Mickey Mouse or Goofy around didn’t hold quite the same magic for Dean. The place was actually a little freaky. Not that Dean was scared of anything in the park, but there was just something off about it. They were in the happiest place on earth, but surrounded by all the darkness, Dean could only feel an eerie sense of vacancy.

"Where’s the castle, Dean?" Sam asked. He had already resumed his search and had just as quickly gotten frustrated with it still yielding no results.

"It’s that way, Sammy," John announced, pointing to the northeast. Both Dean and Sam’s eyes followed their father’s outstretched arm expectantly, like with the mere waive of his hand the castle might appear suddenly where they hadn’t otherwise seen it. Of course the castle didn’t appear and Sammy let out an unsatisfied groan.

"I can’t see it."

"It’s there. We’ll go soon. I have to take care of some business first. Dean, I’m going into that building right there. I want you and your brother to stay here. Use the salt, make a circle around yourself. Stay sharp, keep an open ear and if I tell you to run, you run and you don’t look back. Understand?"

"Yes, sir."

"Let’s race, Dean!"

"Not now, Sam," Dean scolded, knowing that when his father way laying out orders, it wasn’t play time. Sam was still trying to grasp that concept.

John glanced between his two sons for a moment, doubt flicking in his eye briefly before clapped Dean knowingly onto his shoulder with turned to jog up to the entrance of the Haunted Mansion. He disappeared inside, leaving Dean alone to protect his brother.

Dean’s eyes scanned the pseudo mansion appraisingly. It didn’t exactly make sense to him. Why would anyone want to go into a pretend mansion to see pretend ghosts? Real ghosts were scary enough. They were badass and if they were mean enough, they could hurt you. Seemed kind to stupid to tempt fate by going to anything with the word ‘haunted’ in it.

Sam’s tired whine and plop to the ground Indian style snapped Dean’s attention back up. He had a job to do, and that job was protecting Sammy and making sure none of those stupid ghosts could get at him or his brother. Reaching into his backpack, Dean pulled out the container of salt and drew a big ring around him and Sam. He took out a flask of holy water and handed it to Sammy, then took out his loaded rock salt shotgun his dad had given him as a birthday present. Well…at least he’d said it was a birthday present, Dean had actually gotten the gun almost two months past. That stupid birthday stuff didn’t bother Dean though. It was just a day, like Christmas or Easter or whatever. Sammy was the one who got excited about that kiddie stuff.

"How much longer, Dean?"

"He just went in, Sam. He’ll be done when he’s done."

"When will that be?"


"How soon? I wanna play," Sam whined, resting his chin on his hands with a tired huff. Poor Sam had all of Disneyland at his fingertips and yet he had to stay in the small little circle Dean had drawn and wait for their dad to finish. Dean got that frustration, but it didn’t mean it wasn’t annoying to have to hear Sam complain about it.

"Just sit quietly and wait," Dean ordered. Sam glowered at him before growling and turning away so he was facing towards the Haunted Mansion and no longer looking anywhere near Dean. He hated being told what to do, that was something both Dean and their dad were coming to notice as a pattern the older Sammy got.

Dean rolled his eyes and settled in for a long wait. Really he didn’t know how long this would take. Sometimes their dad’s jobs were quick and he was home in no time. Other times they took hours, especially when dad had to dig up some dead guy so they could salt and burn him. Dad had been promised there’d be no digging so Dean thought this might be a fast trip. In an effort to keep Sam entertained and not mad at him anymore, Dean decided to ask him questions about The Jungle Book. It had been on TV at the motel they were staying at and Sam was a freak who liked it whenever Dean quizzed him about stuff—especially stuff on TV.

"Hey, Sammy."

"Not talking to you."

"Come on, I wanna quiz you on the movie we just saw," Dean tempted. Sammy was quiet for a moment but finally turned and faced Dean. He didn’t say anything, just waited for Dean to start. Quickly, Dean tried to think of questions from the movie. He hadn’t really been paying attention to it when it was on.

"So Sammy, what was the name of the bear in the movie?"

"Baloo," Sam replied, rolling his eyes like it was the easiest, dumbest question Dean could have asked. Maybe it was easy. Dean had been helping his dad clean his guns and getting ready for the hunt. And anyway, it wasn’t a one of those films he ever wanted to see again if he could help it. The songs and the characters brought up bittersweet memories Dean tried to avoid. Sitting on the couch with Mom, her arms wrapped around his waist, singing the songs softly into his ear as they played on TV. Dean didn’t like The Jungle Book and he hadn’t for a long time.

"Okay, what was your favorite song?" Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities, forget about your worries and your strife.

"All of them!"

"You can’t pick all of them, Sam," Dean sighed, trying not to be annoyed by his little brother. I mean the bare necessities, old Mother Nature's recipes, that brings the bare necessities of life.

"Yes I can."

"No you can’t." "What’s your favorite song?"

"Yes, I can."

"No you can’t." </i>"They’re all my favorite!"</i>

"Why not?"

"Because I said so!" "They can’t all be your favorite, Dean."

"Fine." Sam pouted. "I don’t like any of them."

"Whatever," Dean rolled his eyes. "Stop being such a baby."

"I am not a baby!" Sam shouted, his voice going to a level that was only audible to dogs and werewolves. If there was one thing Sammy hated more than being told he couldn’t do something Dean could do, it was being called a baby.

"Dean!" a voice called out from a few yards away.

Dean straightened at the sound of his father’s voice, almost as though he were standing at attention. Sam quieted too, but he didn’t have the same fear in his stance as Dean did.

"What did I tell you? Huh? I said to be quiet and keep your brother quiet and then you could come. You’ve got Sam screaming at the top of his lungs like someone’s beating him!" John scolded. He managed to yell at Dean and keep everything to a whisper all at the same time. It was a sort of terrifying skill. Sometimes Dean wished his dad would just yell like normal person instead of the scary loud whisper.

"I’m sorry, sir," Dean said quickly.

Sam looked between Dean and his father before interrupting their standoff. "Did you kill it, dad?" he asked finally.

"Kill isn’t exactly the right word," John said, "but the thing is gone. We can go home now."

"After the magic castle!" Sam shouted out, eyes going wide at the mere thought of their father forgetting about the whole reason he had begged to tag along.

"After the castle," John agreed. He looked around before reaching and lifting Sammy in his arms and motioning for Dean to follow. Dean was reluctant, only standing once his father gave him the look, the one that said everything without actually having to say anything, that said he had expected more from Dean and Dean hadn’t measured up. It was almost worse than being yelled at. Dad counted on him to watch over Sammy, and letting him down was the worst feeling in the world. It made his sick to his stomach. Of course throwing a pity party about screwing up now wouldn’t help a thing, so Dean swallowed his pride and stood up quietly.

"So what do you guys think of Disneyland?" John asked, his attention mostly on Sammy who’s mood had improved tenfold since their father’s exit from the mansion.

"I wanna live here!" Sammy proclaimed excitedly. "I wanna live with Mickey Mouse and Goofy and Cinderella and the seven dorfs but not with Donald Duck."

"What’d wrong with Donald?" John asked with a smile.

"He talks funny," Sam replied, with the slight baby lisp he’d been slow to lose.

"What about you, Dean?" John asked, looking down at his eldest.

"It’s okay," Dean responded. He looked around the darkened park and tried to pretend the place was magical, but all he could see was rides and lights and opportunities that were closed off to him. They’d never be able to afford to come to Disneyland like normal families could and they’d probably be leaving tonight anyway, moving onto a new city and a new job. There was no point in holding onto the hope that maybe he’d be able to see Disneyland like every other kid saw it, so he just stopped wanting it. Disneyland was just another place they passed through.

"Just okay?" John asked.

"I’m kind of big for Disneyland, Dad," Dean replied with a shrug. He took a deep breath and let it out. It wasn’t like he needed this place. Besides, it looked kind of dull anyway; maybe babies like Sam would like it, but Dean didn’t need a Dumbo ride to make his life fun. This place wasn’t important enough for Dean to want to waste food and gas money on when they could live for a week or two on the park admission alone. So he didn’t get what every other kid got—Dean had something better, a life no other kid got to live. Dean got to help his dad save the world so no one else’s mom ever had to die. It was hard sometimes, but he wouldn’t trade it for a stupid theme park. "So what’s for dinner?"

John tussled Dean’s hair and pulled Sammy closer to him. "Well I was thinking after the magic castle I would treat the two of you to breakfast at Denny’s. What do you say?"

"I want pancakes!" Sam exclaimed.

"Pancakes it is."

"Covered in syrup!" Sam added.

"Whatever you want, Sammy." John laughed at his son’s excitement.

"I want pancakes too," Dean grinned, feeling the disappointment of Disneyland beginning to melt away. Quietly Dean reached out to take his father’s hand as they made their way through the darkened park. He felt John give his small palm a reassuring squeeze as Sam talked excitedly about everything they passed and about breakfast and what Mickey Mouse was probably like. Dean couldn’t have asked for a better free trip to Disneyland.

And don't spend your time lookin' around
For something you want that can't be found;
When you find out you can live without it
And go along not thinkin' about it
I'll tell you something true--

The bare necessities of life will come to you.